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About Us

The association's objectives are to promote, foster, develop and enhance a recognition of, and appreciation for the importance of forestry in the life of Alberta.

To achieve this, the FHAA will:

  • act as the curator of photographs, documents and other historical items and present them in a manner that helps to educate and inform Albertans about the history of forestry in the province
  • sponsor and/or participate in the development of new materials such as books and other media (DVDs, TV or film products, displays, etc.) that educate, inform and promote the understanding of forest history
  • collect and store new information, eg. interviews on Alberta’s rich forest history, locating and documenting historic sites

The nine-member Board of Directors is comprised of three representatives from the Alberta government (the old Alberta Forest Service and its successor organizations), three members from the forest industry sector and three members at large.

The current Board of Directors are (as of March 15, 2017):

  • Ken Yackimec (Alberta Government)
  • Bruce Mayer (Alberta Government)
  • Norm Denney (forest industry)
  • Peter Murphy (member at large)
  • Bob Newstead (member at large)
  • Cliff Smith (forest industry)
  • Butch Shenfield (Alberta Government)
  • Rob Thorburn (member at large)
  • Gordon Sanders (forest industry)
The Executive is made up of President Peter Murphy, Vice President Butch Shenfield, Secretary/Treasurer Bruce Mayer.

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Bernie Simpson and Bell 204 with bucket 1968

Ponton Tower with fire DF2-037-1984 in background